• Gucci’s home décor collection is finally here!

    The famous Italian fashion house is launching its first home décor collection. That’s right. The line is now available for purchase from the official Gucci website and it's to die for.

    From candles and cushions, to chairs and wallpapers, Gucci makes its debut in home décor with prints, graphics and patterns all inspired by past collections especially the 2017 Cruise Collection, shown at Westminster Abbey. The cushions now available are the same ones seen at that show where guests were allowed to take them home afterwards. Tigers, cats, dogs, bees and snakes embody the line. They are usually accompanied by peacock green-, pink- or pistachio green-colored backgrounds.

    The brand’s creative director, Alessandro Michele, designed the collection and has definitely succeeded in portraying the true essence of the brand.

    Michele has also created truly unique fragrances for a line of one-of-a-kind scented candles. The scents are: Inventum (pink rose and Taif Damask rose), Fumus (birch, orange leaves and beeswax), Herbosum (tomato leaf, basil and lemongrass leaf) and Esotericum (jasmine, orange bitter and leather). Each candle is designed for a different scenario and ambience: if you’re feeling a bit romantic, the Inventum butterfly candle is for you as it sets an intimate and serene aura. If you want to reminisce about a past trip to Spain, the Esotericum “modern future” candle will transport you to Seville thanks to its bitter orange aroma.

    Much like the candles, every other piece in the décor line is unique and refreshing. Sort of like they each have “a mind of their own”, and are perfectly independent. They are made to stand out and to represent what Gucci is truly about.

    For now, furniture pieces featured include cushions, candles, trays, burners, mugs, folding tables, chairs, panel screens, and wallpapers, but I bet there is more yet to come.

    Time to start decorating!


    chair gucci 1 cushion gucci 2 cushion gucci 1
  • Happy New Year from Pinamar, Argentina!


    We all have that special place in the world where we can relax, recharge and renew, specially after a long intense year like the one we just said good bye to.

    That place to me is called Pinamar, a beach resort less than 250 miles south of Buenos Aires. A town full of pine trees, friends and wide beaches… the perfect combination to make the year end balance and think about New Year Resolutions.

    Without further ado, let's get to it:

    - Spend more quality time with family and friends;

    - Find time to exercise more even though the work schedule is crazy (this week helps to get back into it);

    - Plan more frequently in paper (as opposed to thinking I can do the perfect to do lists in my head);

    - Complete a closet cleanup to find what items I can donate and to discover which ones are still new.

    - Resume French lessons! Did I mention how much I love to learn a language?

    - Read books that are not related to my job so I can really disconnect.

    - Do more of what I love.


    Now that I shared mine... what is your list?


  • NYFW - what's new

    “Every Year the women of New York leave the past behind and look forward for the future. This is known as FASHION WEEK.” Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City

    While fashion houses are indeed focused on taking us to the future, many are now bringing us ‘back to the future” with notion of ‘see now/buy now’.

    Even as the ‘see now/buy now’ trend had already been pioneered by the likes of Rebecca Minkoff, the most traditional of heritage brands like Burberry and Ralph Lauren are now joining the fray. Ralph Lauren hosted two shows, right outside its Madison Avenue flagship, then made what was on the runway immediately available in store. Like the hottest night club in town, people were lined up trying to score an object from the future.

    Another new concept, also seen at Minkoffs’ show: fashion bloggers strutting down the runway (a.k.a. street). It comes as no surprise, as these girls next door now amass a large fortune of followers, that designers are looking at them to showcase their futuristic looks, since they can guarantee thousands of likes or eyes the moment those pictures are posted.

    In the designer handbag department, Victoria Beckham’s light green triangle shaped strap bag really caught our eye!


  • Frequent flyer diaries: what to pack for a stylish getaway

    Every time a trip is near the excitement of a new destination kicks in, and so does the reality of having to put looks together from head to toe while trying to minimize the number of items we bring with us. Traveling light nowadays has become a must, with the extra fees airlines are charging if we check in additional bags and the time we save at the arrival destination, we might as well do a little planning beforehand and come out ahead in the game of traveling in style.

    Below are some tips that we go by after a few years on the road:




    • Black jacket, coat or blazer: whether it’s leather, velvet or fabric, a black piece can be a day to night item that you’ll be able to mix and match with other clothing that you bring;
    • Pants and skirt that match with your black jacket or blazer. A pair of wide leg pants or jeans, remember they need to match the top. For a skirt I would choose some color or stripes to have a whole new look.
    • A LBD for a night out or fancy dinner.
    • Tops: I always have a white top ready, go for silk for a fancier one or lace. Add more according to the number of days you’ll be traveling.




    • Handbags: Traveling with the latest handbag can be tricky because of the space, and another reason to use a carry on as checking in a bag that has an expensive handbag can be risky. I always prefer to travel with a clutch, since they take less space. I have used a small box also to prevent it from getting squeezed in between clothes and shoes. If you want to bring a larger bag, make sure to place it toward the edges of the carry on even more so if it is a hard top one to get additional protection.
    • Shoes: a pair of black or nude pumps can be worn with any outfit, flats if you plan to go for walks and sneakers to squeeze in a work out.
    • Scarf: let’s not forget this item! A pop of color can be the right choice. It can be worn on the plane if it gets a little chilly or for night outs.


    Happy travels! Here are some of the accessories we prefer to travel with as they take little space but yet they make a fashion statement:


    Untitled design-5
  • The Power of Fashion and Handbags

    How many of us feel in our B game when we are not so sure about the outfit we are wearing? When that happens to me, the day can’t go by soon enough so I can go home and take it off.

    On the contrary, when I come up with a great outfit or color or texture combination and love it, not only I feel stylish but also ready to accomplish anything the day entails. Invincible if I had to put it in one word.

    Handbags have a similar effect on us. When we carry the latest designer handbags we feel masters of the style class and no matter what clothes we are wearing, we’ll have a certain extra sense of strength that makes us feel so powerful.

    By leasing, we'll still feel stylish and invincible, but at the same time savvy about our budget.

    At Supursestyle, we love being another source for women to feel beautiful.  And when you do feel it, remember you'll be ready to take over the world.

  • Working girl: mastering the art of style for a job interview

    In a business world where first impressions mean everything, dressing for a job Interview or an important meeting calls for paying attention to the smallest style details. Specially, if another woman will be on the other side of the table.

    Women respect successful women, whether in their career accomplishments as well as in the style department. Successful in the style department doesn’t mean spending one month’s salary on the trendiest shoes or handbag, however, but finding the right pieces that work well with one’s body shape in highlighting our best features, choosing the right outfit tones and last but not least, matching our accessories. Similar to a painter selecting his colors when about to create a masterpiece, preparing ourselves for a job interview or important business meeting can be an art.

    In the quest for mastering this art, here are some tips that can help us save time and also make us look style smart:

    • Shoes: wearing heels the right height is as important as wearing heels itself. An average heel height is our recommendation, as something too high will send the wrong message (more night time oriented) or something too low can take the sparkle of the outfit.
    • Outfit: the pencil skirt is our 1st choice, as a pencil skirt has the perfect length to wear for such important events. You want to transmit that you are serious about your job or meeting and that will not allow any distractions.
    • Jewelry: Delicate and simple jewelry is our recommendation, as too big or bright pieces can cause your counterpart to focus on them instead of your speech and look more appropriate for a party than business.
    • Handbag: a structured leather handbag is what we prefer - straight lines mean that you can be trusted and are serious about business. It is better if it matches one of the colors of the outfit and/or the shoes to give a sense of consistency.


    Remember these tips and choose one of our handbags for your next job interview or meeting to slay.


    Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 5.39.31 AMScreen Shot 2016-07-21 at 5.39.06 AMScreen Shot 2016-07-21 at 5.33.36 AMScreen Shot 2016-07-21 at 5.30.14 AMScreen Shot 2016-07-21 at 5.50.12 AM
  • Glam little beauty trick to make you shine without setting you back

    Unless you live in Mars, chances are you are bombarded with new creams and eye wrinkle product advertisements on a daily basis. Some of them manage to capture our attention, so the cycle goes like this: marketing machine operating, customer acknowledges marketing machine, customer open to the idea of experimenting, customer is hopeful this new product will work better than the 142 previous ones bought and that already went bad, customer spends a significant amount of $ on creams and treatments and obtains very little result. If you identify yourself with this pattern, know one thing: you are not alone.

    There are plenty of us that operate -or operated I must say- under this cycle. Until a beloved friend shared her best kept skin secret: Castor oil. That’s right, the castor oil that you find in the pharmacy, at $5 a bottle! When you apply it on your eye lines or wrinkles, it will last at least an hour until the skin absorbs it. You can apply it at night or in the morning, or whenever you prefer to do it. Not only the price tag gives it a great appeal, the product doesn’t expire so you won’t need to ever through it away. Another plus? It doesn’t smell like oil or any other scent. (Test results: been using it for 4 years now, has been working great on my skin).

    Now that you will be saving on eye cream, go ahead and choose your favorite purse to enjoy and return when you are ready for the next one!

    Castor oil at night

    Here's my travel size bottle at night, it's actually very small since I don't need to apply much each time.

    If you try it let us know what you think! Or do you have other best kept skin secrets? xo

  • Frequent flyer diaries: carry on rules

    By now you probably know that when going on the plane only Two (2) pieces are allowed per person and nothing more than two, as unfortunate as it sounds. This rule is here to stay, and what’s one to about it? One word: Maximize.

    Maximize the 2 items that we can take on board. Therefore an expandable carry on is a safe choice, and for purses is better to go with a tote so you can throw in most of your necessities including tech gear and even a light jacket for when it gets cold on the plane. If the tote is too heavy don’t panic, you can always put it on top of the carry on to move around airport long distances.

    We like the Tumi carry on model because of it's expandable hard case and metallic dark colors. The hard case is very useful to carry your delicate accessories - handbags or shoes - as it will prevent them from being damaged, specially when you have to check in your bag (suppose the plane ran out of above seat space). Each airline has it's own carry on rules for sizes, it would be best to check with the one you're traveling with and although sometimes it is not enforced it is better to be within their size limit or close to avoid you bag being checked in. The dark colors are better when selecting luggage since when we have to check in the bags they get so dirty.

    For totes, we like a Louis Vuitton neverfull GM because no matter how many items you need to throw in it – it’s true is never full, and it holds the weight very well (meaning the handles will not break). Gucci totes are also a great option, and remember that a tote can be used for traveling and also for the beach if you are going to a summer destination.

    Safe travels ladies! xo

    Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 8.41.22 AM Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 8.41.37 AM Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 8.40.27 AM Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 8.40.43 AM
  • Practical & affordable idea to store your handbags

    If you haven’t gotten yourself around having Lisa Vanderpump’s closet or your dream closet yet – which probably 98% of us haven’t, where you have beautiful and spaced out shelves to put your designer handbags and admire them while you make your outfit selection, let’s look at another practical solution to store them in a safe and tidy way, without having to spend a bunch in closet redesign: Boxes!

    That’s right. Boxes can help you protect them from accidentally piling things on top of them and altering their shape as a consequence, plus it can give you extra space dimension by allowing to store one on top of the other without risking your precious handbags.

    There’s a couple of caveats: they can’t be cardboard boxes or any other that have a particular scent, as you don’t want your handbags to absorb that smell in their leather. You also need them to be hard enough that they can hold the weight of other boxes piling up on top of them. Don't forget to put them in their dust bags to keep them even cleaner.

    The best ones we found? The brand boxes that came with the purse. They will be the perfect size and material to hold them, plus have no scent of their own (except for new leather of course, hmmm the scent of new leather!). If you didn’t save the box that the purse came in, you can still go back to the store and ask for one and they will be happy to provide. Or, you can ask any department store if they can give you one or more.

    Do you have other tips that you can share with us?

    Happy handbag organizing!

    Lisa Vanderpump closet Designer boxes for closet
  • Our Apple watch review

    I must admit I was a little hesitant about getting the Apple watch. What model should I get? Color? Should I get the fitbit instead? I finally decided to take the plunge with rose, and the most affordable version – the sport watch. I didn’t like the sports band it came with for everyday use so I decided to buy one online in same color and a little more sophisticated, super affordable online must admit. Then I set the watch in motion…

    If you are a multitasker like 90% of the population I am positive you will love it, as it will save you time that you currently spend with the phone. I know that having the phone near the watch is a must that is not ideal, but I found that not needing to have my phone in hand at all times has been a great relief, one that makes me feel even lighter. As I go to work with my tote full of all-things-one-might-need-at-any-time (electronics, paperwork, make up, etc.), I love the fact that I don’t need to fish around for my phone in an endless sea of things.

    How many times do you feel guilty about being in a lunch, meeting or happy hour and checking your phone in front of the person you’re talking to? Check! With the phone, one can politely check the watch and be up to date with the latest text message, Instagram like or next exercise break without looking like an obsessive-compulsive phone addicted. Even when I’m driving and listening to the radio in full steam singing the latest it song, now I can sense in the wrist if I get an important call or text without having to patiently hold the phone on my lap to hear it.

    It seems as the best feature will be when we can alternate between the phone and the watch – let’s be real who wants to go for a run with both like we have to until now- but I’m positive it will come in next versions as it seems quite easy to do. Tim Cook – do u copy? You heard it from us first.

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